Thursday, August 09, 2007

August 9, 2007

Mom should have been in the middle of surgery right about now... but God is so good He's letting me think about frivolous thoughts instead... My mind wanders to Pride & Prejudice as My Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy screensaver dances across my computer.

I was walking through Target and spotted a book called "My Mr. Darcy" Huh? I had to pick it up and see what it was about. After reading the back, I was sure someone had hacked into my brain waves! It was the story of a contemporary women who went to Pemberly to visit where the movie was filmed (A&E) and who should be walking up, but Mr. Darcy himself.

Okay so she might have been a little loopy, but Lord, if you can send Mr. Darcy my way I would appreciate it... He's the one with the long coat on a horse with the big mansion.


Jenster said...

So did you buy the book? Sounds intruiging.

The Daily "B" said...

I didn't pick the book up, I almost did, but it was questionable since it was centered around her bad margarita and what not in the beginning... thought I would leave Mr. Darcy alone in this case. LOL =)

Jenster said...

Better safe than sorry. :o)

Katybug said...

Deb, have you seen "Becoming Jane" yet? I saw it with some girlfriends last week and it was really good. A sad story, but good nonetheless. Assuming it's pretty accurate, you can see where she got her stories. :-)

The Daily "B" said...

Sad story?? Oh no! =)
I am looking forward to seeing it... waiting for it to come out on DVD.