Thursday, June 28, 2007

Family Gathering

On Monday we had the memorial service. It was very nice and went smoothly. We had our laughs and our tears but all in all, God was there as a comforter and strength.

After the graveside ceremony we went to our church for a reception in her honor. I was very proud of the ladies, they took care of us and made sure that everyone was comfortable.

We took a family picture and I asked if we could hold grandma's picture with us (not seen below), she was the reason why we were all there today.

I believe we are all still in shock, even though it had to happen. Once the feeling of shock leaves, we can get on with our lives and just look forward to the day we meet her again knowing that she is without pain for eternity.


Katybug said...

WOW, DEB, YOUR FAMILY IS HUGE!!! :-) I love the picture you posted of your grandmother...she was a lovely lady. Time does make things easier to deal with. I'll be praying for you & your family over these next several weeks & months. I know they can be tough.

The Daily "B" said...

LOL - Yes it is a large family! My Grandmother had seven kids. This is just the immediate family. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts Katybug!

Katybug said...

SEVEN! That doesn't happen often! I too am one of seven! I think my mother, at 86, is still recovering from the shock. ;-) She has 18 grandkids, 1 great-grand-girl and one more on the way. I'll keep praying for you all. :-)