Monday, June 11, 2007

Birthday Celebration

This is a breakdown of a great day!

Mom and Dad surprised me with dinner reservations at Maggianos for everyone! (we had cancelled our first plan due to Grandma being in the hospital.)
11:15AM - 1:00PM
Got a pedicure and eyebrow waxing done

Cathy and Sonia took me to "Stars Hollow" aka The Orange Circle. I am a huge fan of the show Gilmore Girls which is situated around a fictional town called Stars Hollow.

The girls gave me a scroll and inside it had the towns history. They told me we would be going to places in Stars Hollow aka The Orange Circle.

We started off at The elder Gilmore's home aka Frogs Breath. They have several different cheeses and wines to taste from. Cathy ordered three different cheese platters with fresh baked baguette slices. The Artisan Platter, Blue Cheese, Pick of the day. Each had four different kinds of cheeses and came with caramelized walnuts, salted almonds, and dried apricot. What an experience!!! I loved the blue cheeses the best. One of the cheeses that had a natural ash rind tasted like you bit a goat butt at the petting zoo! The bread was delicious!

We headed over to Lane Kim's job Mr. C's Records. Cathy bought me a 45 record of Doris Day's "Secret Love".

We headed over to Doose's Ice Cream Parlor aka LUCCIA and had Gelato! My fave! I had Pistachio and Tiramisu Gelato, Cathy had Chocolate covered cherries Gelato and Tiramisu, Sonia had Chocolate covered Cherry and some kind of chocolate one.

We went home after this and got ready to go to Maggianos...

The whole family went to Maggianos and ordered Family Style. They bring out unlimited plates of food for a five course dinner, we ordered the following:
Stuffed Mushrooms
Maggiano Salad
Cesar Salad
Four Cheese Pesto Ravioli
Chicken Parmesan
Herb Salmon
Creme Brulee
The food is unbelievable here and you take home bags and bags of leftovers.

I came home and opened a few gifts and then we got in our PJ's and watched 'Because I Said So' with Diane Keaton. We did alot of muting and some forwarding, but all in all it was a very cute movie!

So I said all that to say this - I had a wonderful 24th!

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