Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ripped Ligaments and Tumors

That title sounds so ew! It has been a long long few days and I am exhausted! It all started on Saturday, April 29th after 12AM. I fell off the curb in the fron of the house and ripped my ankle ligaments and tendons - it was horrific! Searing pain! I ended up suffering through the night and going to Hoag the following morning. They put me on crutches and wrapped it in an ace bandage. I though for sure it was broken... come to find out, the pain is worse than a break. Who woulda' thought!

Today I went to see my doctor and was determined to walk out with a cast or ELSE!!! I refused to walk on those murderous crutches again! My poor arms, back and good leg were about to snap from the pain! So I got a walking cast! I feel soo much better!!

Then while at the doctors office, mom found out that she has a brain tumor... it has most likely been growing since her first one 25 years ago. It is about the size of a strawberry and it will have to be removed. They are usually benign and easily removed, so this is wonderful news!

Don't be surprised if I come back on and tell you that there was no tumor once they surgically went in or if they do another MRI, it will be gone!! This would be by the hand of God only!!

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