Thursday, May 31, 2007

God Is Good

It has been a long long week. Grandma Chevy went into the ER on Sun Morn and it has been a roller coaster since. She had complications on Monday night and things just turned for the worse! But God always has a hand on things and he showed us this.

She has mild Congested Heart Failure, blood clots, and something wrong with her lungs. She was incubated on Tuesday Morn and is still on as of today. She is in ICU isolation because of the unknown sickness that is looking like Tuberculosis.

She had a good day yesterday considering everything. Today is a much better day! The doctors say that her organs are perfect with the exception of her lungs which are now stable. We will know the diagnosis today or tomorrow.

More good news - Mom's surgery was delayed for 6 weeks. God has his hand on all things. Tis' so good to trust in Jesus!

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