Friday, November 05, 2010

Pain, Pain go away...

I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but pain has become my new "friend". Or enemy.

I've dealt with sciatica, lower back pain, and neck pain for years due to my job. I sit 99% of the day and it takes a toll on me. It got to the point where I needed to treat it and went to the doctors and was told to start Physical Therapy.

One week later, I got hit by a car. Girl tried to cut me off and pass the bus and slammed into me instead. Car was fine, I was shookened up because this was my first car accident with me driving. I felt fine, just nervous and went home.

That night I was in so much pain, felt like someone had beaten me with a cement block.

I went to the doctors to be evaluated and was told to do some exercises and just go to Physical therapy.

I did just that, for three (long) weeks and cried, for three (long) weeks.

Finally, after it was done and the physical therapist said that I need more treatment so go back to my doctor, my doctor sent me to a pain and wellness center.

I thought, more money, more pain medications, more missing work... oy.

I had my first visit there today and let me tell you, I am one happy girl.

First off, my docs office in Newport is swanky. But this office, was swankier. Seriously know how to do it, by the ocean, sea breeze. Nice. I felt like I under dressed, needed some heels and a cocktail dress. lol

I expected them to hurt me, push and probe and I was wrong. I got a massage. A massage... won-der-ful. I haven't felt this good in weeks and weeks.

This is going to do the trick... I know it and I can't wait to get off the loopy meds and be myself again... no more tear fest and irritable Deb. I'm sure the whole household will breathe a sigh of relief when it's done. I know I will.

Looking forward and ready to say "ta ta" to pain.

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Jenster said...

YAY on feeling better!! Yay on the swanky office! lol Todd is seeing a chiropractor for some pinched nerve stuff and he LOVES it! Especially the massages. :)