Friday, November 12, 2010

Christmas Gifts and A Milestone

Christmas Gifts and A Milestone?
I was just too lazy to write two post, so I meshed both in one.

Let's talk about the Milestone first.

As of November 8th, I have been blogging for four-long-years. It seems so much longer, but that's it. Four years. I've pretty much lost all blog readers, I'm sure, but I've kept on because I like to look back and see what I've been up to, how I've matured, what I dealt with on that same day and who was important to me at that time.

Happy Birthday, Daily Bee.

Now onto the second topic - Christmas Gifts.

I've already purchased my first gift, for my nephew Cristian. I've been scouring stuff for everyone else, but I just keep coming up with stuff for Rylie Drew. Poor spoiled child.

Here is what I've listed so far and plan on purchasing for her...

 Rylie is 3 1/2 months old and she has more toys than I'm sure a normal 3 1/2 months old has. She is one smart kid and already obsessed with her toys. She loves music, movies and loves to watch cartoons on her Daddy's iPhone. She has little stuffed friends that have been named and she talks to them So, this little gadget is one thing that I will be getting for her.

 Handmade dolls on Etsy
Sources: Left / Right
 Handmade Tuxedo Dress (love)
Sources: Left / Right
Vintage Owls and Shabby Chic Pillow Covers
Sources: Left / Right

The last wasn't meant for Rylie, obviously. I can use my blog as a hint source too... so hint hint. ;)

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Jenster said...

Happy Anniversary Daily Bee! I'm still a reader - just not a very consistent one. lol