Thursday, September 23, 2010

This and That

My brain is a little fried lately. Too much happening in my part of the world.
I've focused on so many things that I haven't had time for Deb things.

The Deb things consist of re-vamping my room! It is so needed and I've been so busy lately that it keeps getting put off. So starting tonight, I will be sanding and cleaning my new dresser. I'm hoping to start painting on Saturday. Yah! Finally.
I'm looking for pieces to add to the decor and here are a couple of things that I've found and hope to buy... eclectic but I like the mix.

All the above are from Etsy. You know my love for Etsy.

I made another purchase recently, not for home decor or supplies but for the pup. Have to keep her pretty and safe. I went to PetsMart and the collars were outrages in price. They were nothing to look at and hard to open and close. So many things wrong.

So, I went to my trusty Etsy and purchased this for my little rebel.
Perfect find for a good price. 

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