Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bit the Bullet!

Okay, so I'm flaky. I'm indecisive. Yes, I know.

I bought a dresser and it didn't work out. It was so low and come to find out, it was a child's dresser. Not happy about that.

I've had my eye on this beautiful glossy white Ikea dresser for a couple of months. After all my attempts at finding the right dresser to paint, I bought this.
 It's big, tall, glossy and so many drawers. Perfect for me.

I also had my eye on this modernish bookcase. Same line at Ikea.

As I was walking out of the the store, I stopped by the "as is" section and lo and behold, the hard to find bookcase was sitting there, perfect condition and already built! For $50 less than the boxed one. I snatched it up!
 The next purchase is a custom bulletin board. It is a vintage frame patined turquoise with a beautiful retro, vintage fabric. I won't show you the fabric just yet, but I picked it up and am shipping it to the store owner today. Below is my color inspiration.
I can't wait to reveal the whole thing... I'll love it and I'm sure you'll think it's fab too.

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