Thursday, March 20, 2008

Just a Friday Post...

I have been posting a lot this week. I have lots of nonsense to say and funny things to share! I saw this video yesterday and knew that you all would get a kick out this.


Lady of Milkweed Manor
I recently finished Lady of Milkweed Manor by Julie Klassen. I don't why, but it didn't really appeal to me that much. I think there was potential for a great book, but it just didn't happen for me. I must say though that this is one that you should read for yourself. I think I made the mistake of reading this so soon after my mind was still in Boston with the O'Connor family... that may have been the issue. No real review here for this one, I would rather you come up with your own opinions.


I'm Reading...
Wedding Bell Blues. I am sure this will be a winner, I've heard great reviews and am looking forward to sharing my own thoughts next week, even though I am sure everyone's read this already. Apparently this is book 1 and there are more...How's the 2nd one? I also have on my to be read list: At Home in Mitford (book 1), The Silk House (book1). I am now the last one to read the Mitford series!


Easter Sunday
I am excited about Easter. My family gets together at my grandparents home, we eat ham with all the trimmings and just relax until we head off to church in the evening. Easter is one of my favorite services, I love the atmosphere, everyone is dressed up and ready to celebrate.

I am thankful that God robed Himself in flesh, dwelt on this earth and paid the ultimate sacrifice, for me and you. He great, I love Him with my whole heart!

I won't be posting until next week, so Happy Easter! Remember the reason and celebrate!


If you're looking for a good movie for the weekend, August Rush (click to watch trailer) is phenomenal! It came out on DVD this week. I haven't seen a movie this good in ages. Must see and family friendly!


Barb said...

Happy Easter Deb! I have not read that book, so I'll anxiously await your review. I'm anxiously awaiting Ray Blackston's Par for the Course, coming from my library at this very moment! We'll be alone for Easter (5 of us), so my husband's decided on rather untraditional steak and shrimp. Happy relaxing!

The Daily "B" said...

Hi Barb! I feel like I haven't really "seen" you around. =) Your Easter dinner is making my mouth water. Small gorup sounds cozy!

Happy Easter to you!

Jenster said...

That video is amazing! Extremely cute. But amazing in that that little girl said all the words and she was pretty much in tune the entire time!!

We watched "August Rush" last night. Great flick!!

I'm glad your Easter was wonderful! Ours was, too. Now if I can only keep that intensity for the entire year...