Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! I'm not sure what kind of a week it is going to be, but as of this morning it's dreary. If I have anything to do with it it will get better! Hopefully.
I had a great Easter. My grandmother always prepares a scrumptious dinner and we just sit around and gab and do nothing.

One of my co-workers that assist me with about 75% of my work decided not to show up today, so that added a cloud to the morning and serious frustration.


My mom has an appointment with her surgeon this morning. She had her regular MRI on Friday, they'll see if the tumor shrunk or if there are any changes. Please pray for her today. My mom is confidence and faith in itself. She has no worries and doesn't care if the surgeon has a bad report, she trust in God wholeheartedly. Wish I was able to say that I can do the same... =)


I finished Wedding Bell Blues over the weekend, excellent book! Thanks for the recommendation, Shauna. Redemption, lesson on forgivness and just sweet and romantic. I loved it! Some parts were deep, some were outright hilarious. Did anyone think it was kind of funny that the guys name is Josh Turner and he was a music star? Reminded me of Josh Turner the country star. Hmm.

I am not starting another book for a couple of weeks. I've been using all my spare time reading, I decided to fast it for a couple of weeks. Pure torture. I am anxious to start the Mitford series... but I can do it! I can not read for 2 weeks. I can! lol


Queen Catherella said...

hmmm well I'm not fasting reading... maybe I should raid your "library"!


Becky said...

Oh, that's so funny, Deb...I was just coming over here to comment on a book I'd been reading that I thought you would really enjoy. It's funny, because both this one and that are about weddings and something blue... ;)

Anyway, it's called Blue Heart Blessed by Susan Meissner. It reminded me of you with your little e-bay business on the side and all, because part of the premise of the story involves a boutique for second hand wedding dresses. Great book, btw, for when the fast is over.

Good for you, fasting from books! (I know how hard that would fasting from food or blogging! ;))

The Daily "B" said...

Becky - I've been wanting to read that. I should order it now and it will be here in time. I saw this on the Edgy Inspirational blog a while back.