Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I was reading another blog this morning and saw this article about a man who says he is a pedophile. He created a "how-to" web-site for men that struggle with the same problems as him! I could not believe this. After reading this disturbing article I was so angry!! Angry that someone would even feel comfortable enough to come right out and promote such things! We need to stand up for these children.
I am not a mother, but I hope to be someday, and by the time my child is between the ages that attract these men, can you imagine how much will have progressed for these men, who knows what they will be bold enough to do then. I am currently with tons of kids every week, I would rip someone apart if they touched one of them!
How can we live in such a world as this??
Children are a gift from God. You touch them you are in TROUBLE! These men better watch their backs!
Read this article here, If you have a blog post it, everyone needs to know and be aware of this.

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