Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Golden Globes 2012 : FASHION

I haven't paid too much attention to the movies, award winning shows and up and coming actors lately. My sister and I used to do a little bet, we'd pick our winners, even though we didn't know who half the people were or what the movies were about. I would try to win the bet by researching the plots, see who was a favorite and then cast my vote. On the line was dinner out, then the loser would pay for dessert. I bought a lot a dessert over the years. I think still owe.

This year, the morning of the Golden Globes 2012, I decided to record the red carpet. I figured I'd see what all the ladies were going to wear. I'm glad I did. There were beautiful dresses and some major fails. Here are my picks, top to bottom - top being the least offensive/favorite. We'll start with the fails first and leave you on a positive note.

Madonna in Reem Acra. I'm not a Madonna fan. Yes, I'm an 80's baby. But I've never liked her music or her style. So I wasn't surprised to find her on my "bottom" list. This dress is too tight/small on top, strange on the bottom. I also think it just doesn't match who she is...
Angelina Jolie in Oscar De La Renta. This was voted as the Best Dressed here. Why oh why? The minute I saw her, I couldn't help but ask "Why?!". I don't like anything about this gown. MAYBE if the red flap was in the same color as the dress? And a different colored clutch? Maybe. Tina Fey said it well -  “She looked like a Space Waitress". Ouch.

Evan Rachel Wood in Gucci. I love Gucci. I dislike the dress. Plunging neckline, shear on top with sequins and covered in a green bird farm on the bottom. Oh no. Oh no...

Sarah Michelle Geller in Monique Lhuillier. In an interview, she said that she laid out a selection of dress and accessories and her two-year-old daughter picked out everything! Sweet, yes. But not when millions are looking and pictures are being taken and plastered on all the magazines and website (and blogs). I like her, but the dress was a bad, bad choice. Also makes me wonder why Monique Lhuillier would have this in her collection... hmm.

Lea Michele in Marchesa. I'm at a complete lost. I'm not sure why a sweet girl, normally in beautiful soft gowns, would wear this. She looks lost in it. Like she's trying too hard to be sexy. Didn't work for her. Not.at.all. That is why, I see her has my least favorite of the night.

Now onto my favorites...

Nicole Kidman in Versace. I think she is beautiful. Gold-studded, pale beige dress with her strawberry blond hair. I think she always looks amazing. This was no exception.

Salma Hayek in Gucci. There were a few things out there about this dress, not good things. But I can't help but like it. It reminds me a little bit of Cleopatra but Cleopatra 2012. Love the gold and black. I think she looks gorgeous.

Sofia Vergara in Vera Wang. I don't know who she is, never watched her show, after seeing her I think she is very, very loud - it irritated me a bit. I thought her dress was gorgeous. Loved the deep navy and the textures. Looked like waves coming down, just beautiful!

Octavia Spencer in Tadashi Shoji. Plus-sized, beautiful actress. I loved that she picked lavender, her ebony skin and this lavender dress were made for each other! Just beautiful. Perfect choice for her body shape.

Jessica Alba in Gucci. I was shocked to hear that some people, fashion police, didn't like this dress. It was almost my top. I thought she looked beautiful in it. Anyone could have worn this and looked gorgeous. The color, the glitz. Perfect.

 Viola Davis in Raoul. MY FAVORITE. Why you ask? I'm aware there's no glitz, no ruffles or sashes. But the color, the fit, the SHOES. I think that's what sold me. When I saw her walk across the screen, the bronze shoe came out and it was like the icing on the cake. Loved everything about her outfit. Loved it all.

On a side note, Elle Macpherson didn't make it in either category for me. But did you know that she is 49 years old? There must be some mistake. I've never seen a 49-year-old look this good. She looks younger than me! Well, almost. You go...girl.

Until the Oscars...

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