Saturday, August 01, 2009

Another Wedding

I've been busy planning another Bridal Shower and helping with wedding preparations, again. Two weeks after we got back from my sister's wedding, my cousin,who I've mentioned on here several times, started planning her wedding ceremony. Her and her long time boyfriend were planning on getting married by themselves on a tropical island resort, but have decided to have a small home ceremony.
I for one am happy, since I'll be able to see and participate in her special day. My sister was to be her maid of honor but since she just got back from her honeymoon and is already planning on being out here for my cousin's large reception, she can't make the ceremony. I was more than happy to step in as the maid of honor instead of bridesmaid. I am so excited to be apart of her wedding planning and all the things that come with the days approaching her big day.

Today we went to do some cake tasting... that was hard. Who wants to taste pastries and fillings and butter creams? Someone has to do it... :)

So, yet another thing to keep me from blogging... but I'll do my best to not let it get in the way too much!


Shauna said...

I'm so sorry you have to struggle that particular wedding task. I would step in for you if I could. LOL! ;-) I'm drinking a cup of coffee right now and thinking cake would go with it perfectly! Have a blast.

P.S. The book you're currently reading is one of my all time favorite series! Have you read it before?

The Daily Bee said...

No!! Can you believe that... I am loving this series.

Becky said...

You poor thing, Deb...HAVING to go taste delicious, gourmet cakes, fillings and icings.

*sigh* It's a tough life in O.C., huh? Lol.

Loved the Llama picture from the O.C. Fair. Looked a little like the goat that we saw at our fair, whom the pig was trying to spring from the pen. Same teeth anyway, lol.