Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Weird Art

Some people view things so different. We live close to Ripley's Believe it or Not and as a kid/teenager my parents used to take us there whenever we had guest or someone new showed up in the area. At our Ripley's there is a wedding portrait made out of lint. Entirely of lint. Someone put those loads of laundry to good use. The same artist was recently featured in our newspaper. I couldn't figure out why they featured a picture of sushi on the front of the local page. After reading that she was a lint artist, I gasped and proceeded to show everyone that came by.

How would you like to receive this box of chocolates from your honey? One good thing, there truly is now fat here. Ha! Maybe just an asthma attack.

Another odd thing that is one of my favorites at Ripley is the Last Supper Portrait made completely of TOAST. I love it. Now they have tools ans such, but this was done long ago without tools, just a crazy mind. I wish I could find it and show you, but this will give you an idea... makes me want to try it.

So, next time your overloaded with wash, think about saving your lint. Better yet, find ways to see other things as art, such as your dogs hair, dust balls, cob webs, chewed gum and your kids boogers... you never know what they can form into.



Becky said...


The artist in me TOTALLY identifies with this. In my studio/guest room, I actually have a ziploc bag that contains odd colors of dryer lint for a future project, lol. Arteests are strange that way. Mixed with water and some liquid starch, lint makes paper pulp which can be made into sculptures and some pretty fancy papers when dried over a screen.

The Daily Bee said...

OMW, that is so funny. Goodness, I would have never known that. Very interesting. I think you should try out a piece of lint art and post it.

Jenster said...

Crazy insane!! And Becky - you're cracking me up!!