Thursday, July 12, 2007

No More Spankings In Heaven

We had a Luau tonight in KidzNet. All kids from 2-13 were together. We decorated the room in Luau style and prepared a puppet show.
During the lesson, Cathy asked the kids what they wanted in heaven. One little boy said he wanted a PlayStation II. LOL

My sister-in-laws nephew, Elijah, is three years old and the cutest brat! haha yes, he is a huge brat, but so cute! He is very scared of the dark and did not like it when the puppet show was on and lights were out. He kept trying to convince himself that the puppets were not monsters.

Cathy was telling the kids what would not be in heaven... No more boo boo's, no more being scared. Elijah kept trying to get her attention to let her know there would be no more spankings in Heaven! How true it is, no more spankings in heaven! Only he would think of this!

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Jenster said...

That's funny! He is adorable!