Sunday, October 04, 2009


It's 6something in the AM and I have a rare moment of nothing to do but sit and stare at the computer. I woke up from a horrible dream and pooped(Haha! So much for proof reading... that's too funny not to leave. But I popped) myself out of bed. I can sleep after church today. But right now, I am going to sit my behind down and jot down a much needed blog post.

"WHAT!?" I've noticed my hearing is changing... not going! But changing a tad. My mom started losing her hearing when she was twenty-five, which is when I started noticing it. Her tubes (?) fused together, and they say it's irreparable, but we now found out they can probably do surgery. Anyway, we were in the store and I wasn't wearing my glasses (I never do if I'm not driving) and I was squinting and trying to see what "those things are over there". My mom was walking behind my elbow and whispered...

"I'm tired and depressed."

GASP. What? how did I miss this... tired, yes, but depressed!? I stopped suddenly and looked at her...

"what did you say, mom?"

"I said, that's the tire and lube department."

We had a good laugh over this and then a more serious one about getting those darn ears checked!

NEW PUPPY I have put claims on a new girl puppy to be born the end of this year or early January. I am so excited! She is from the same 'parents' as my brother and sister-in-law's dog, Lola, so they will be sisters. Something special about that to me. I will be the one you see walking with my little dog in a stroller or have her all glammed out in cute clothes and bows...of course I may be broke and have to starve, but my puppy-girl will be beautifully decked out. ;)

WALLPAPER FUN I am in the process of removing blue-striped-wallpaper from my bedroom walls. It is hell! I am telling you! I dislike wallpaper and can't imagine why, oh why the previous owners of our home out it all over... okay, so it's really nice wallpaper... but who can live with blue stripes forever. NOT ME.

BAKING I love to cook and bake. It relaxes me and is comforting in some strange way. I made a cake for my boss' birthday. He loves German chocolate cake, I dislike it. Not to gross you out, but the fresh coconut in the frosting makes me think I'm eating little bugs, Andrew* Zimmer*man style. ugh.

I decided that if I was going to eat German chocolate cake I would make it fresh. Night before the birthday, I got lazy and bought German chocolate cake mix. BUT I did do the rest from scratch. It was so gooooooood! Yes, coconut bugs and all.

PRAYER On Wednesday night we had such an incredible service about prayer, intercessory prayer. More than ever it's been on the minds of our church body that prayer is the only thing that's going to get the job done. We fight today more than ever before. We have a world to reach with this incredible news of Jesus' saving grace and love. But we must pray. I'm not talking a little pray before you go to sleep, it's time to be in a committed prayer relationship with God. Be faithful... I have this little card on my desk at home (in front of me now) that says, 'God is only a prayer away'. I bought this when I was struggling with fear and felt like I had nowhere to turn... I saw this little 'sign' and taped right where I can see it as a reminder... He really is just a prayer away.

What a good God He is!

Happy First Day of the Week!

Ths is my 351st post... :)


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Becky said...

LOL! Pooping yourself out of bed, starving to dress your dog and wallpaper hell. Lots of chuckles in this one, girl.