Monday, March 12, 2007

Vegas Vacation

I just returned from a wonderful trip to good ol' Las Vegas. Full of relaxation, fun and good food! We stayed at the Rio, which is where we always stay. It was so nice to have a room just for me and Cath. We have never had that, usually someone else is with us.

We went to Bonnie Springs the first full day, Old town Nevada. It was so cute. A little ghost town next to Red Rock Canyon. The views from the "city" were unbelievable! They have an extensive petting zoo, peacocks walking around, mice on the floor (EW). They had a pond in the center with sucks, swans, turtles. A restaurant overlooked the pond. One exciting event, I was almost hit by Bonnie of Bonnie Springs herself! I was busy following a peacock with the longest feathers and wasn't paying attention to my surroundings and I heard a small "screech" and looked up and there is this old old lady and man sitting in a cart. I smiled apologized and moved out of her way. My dad was showing us a picture of Bonnie and we noticed a look alike sitting next to us at the restaurant, it was Bonnie. We verified this by asking the waitress.

We went to Red Rock Canyon from there, the scenery was so peaceful and beautiful. We took the 13 mile scenic drive through the canyon. It was nice in the Lexus, reclined back in the shaded back.

We went to the Hoover Dam on Friday, another beautiful place. I can't imagine the work put in to build this dam! It was massive and very intimidating. WOW! We went to a scenic view area overlooking Lake Mead and decided that we are going to look into renting a houseboat! I would love love love that. It is like a lake in the middle of Death Valley. Will be so nice! We ate at several nice restaurants while there, played some slots and laid around alot. I look forward to vacation again soon!

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